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Also known as intersutural bones or Inca bones, they can be defined as small sized formations of irregular shapes encountered in the cranial sutures. According to Bergman et al. The presence of sutural bones can be associated, in some situations, with other abnormalities of central nervous system or skull Das et al.

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In the skeletal series unearthed from the necropolis of the ancient Princely Court of Iaşi, wormian bones were identified in 25 subjects 18 males and seven females aged between 18 and 55 years. A special case was discovered in a male aged between 30 and 35 years M 63who had a large wormian bone 52 mm long and 35 mm wide on the lambdoid suture Figure 1. Figure 1. Metopic suture.

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The metopic suture is an anterior extension of the sagittal suture. The fusion of the metopic suture begins at the glabella, it continues progressively in the upper area and it ends at the anterior fontanelle Weinzweig et al. Ordinarily, this suture closes between the first and the second year of life and is completely closed before the subject reaches the age of three; however, it can sometimes stay open until the age of seven.

There are also sporadic cases when the metopic suture remains open throughout life and it can be observed even in old people Ide et al. The persistent metopic suture can be ascribed to several causes, such as: abnormal growth of the cranial bones, pathologic metopism caused by hydrocephaly, growth interruption, heredospecific factors, heredity, atavism, etc.

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The genetic influence is currently the most important factor accepted by the scientific community Castilho et al. The 5 Facial slimming sydney Abnormalities in the Urban Population of Iaşi 7 incidence of the metopic suture is slightly higher in the male cases 1.

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In the analyzed series, the metopic suture was signaled in seven subjects three males and four females aged between 18 and facial slimming sydney years. This anomaly refers to the absence of a few teeth from the primary or secondary dentition, due to a failure in the teeth buds development.

The most common missing teeth are the third molars, followed by the second premolars and the incisors.

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Their absence is either unilateral or bilateral Byahatti Studies conducted to understand the genetic and environmental factors, have investigated the relationship between the severity and the distribution of hypodontia to family members and any discernable effect on maternal health during pregnancy Parkin et al. The prevalence of hypodontia has fluctuant rates, ranging between 2. Although the maxilla is generally more affected Ortner, we have identified hypodontia only on mandible, in two cases.

In the first case, this anomaly was found in a woman aged years M Facial slimming sydney and it consisted of a failure in the eruption of the mandibular second premolars left and right Figure 2. The second case was a male of years M XIIwhose mandible lacked the left central incisor Figure 3. Figure 2. Atlanto-occipital fusion.

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The atlas assimilation to the occipital bone the atlanto-occipital fusion was recorded in a female teenager aged years M XVIwith an incidence of 1. The atlas has the highest variability among the cervical vertebrae Wysocki et facial slimming sydney.

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Figure 4. Klippel-Feil syndrome; vertebral block. The spine segmentation defect leads to the appearance of block vertebrae. The subjects with a sensitive genetic background can develop severe forms of multiple hemimetamere defects which lead to severe deformity of the vertebral column Barnes The Klippel-Feil syndrome represents the fusion between two or more cervical vertebrae and it is an axial segmentation defect which appears during weeks of gestation.

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Individuals 7 Skeletal Abnormalities in the Urban Population of Iaşi 9 with Klippel-Feil syndrome and cervical stenosis may be at increased risk for spinal cord injury after minor trauma determined by the hypermobility of the various cervical segments Ilie Klippel-Feil syndrome and thoracic vertebral block represent sporadic occurrences in the analyzed series 0.

We found a single case of Klippel-Feil syndrome in a teenager female of years M XVIshowing the fusion of the axis with the third cervical vertebra Figure 5.

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A single case of thoracic vertebral block was also recorded, in a mature male aged G9 M26 showing the fusion of the T4 and T5 Figure 6. Figure 5. Figure 6.

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Spondylolysis was identified more frequently in males Barnesand it was described as a congenital malformation due to defects in the ossification and development of the lamella Shahriaree et al.

In other reports spondylolysis was presented as a result of the mechanical stress in the lumbosacral region Merbs We identified two cases of bilateral spondylolysis in lumbar vertebrae: a female of years G14 M48 and a male aged years G15 MD Figures Figure 7.

Figure 8.

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In the postcranial skeletons of the analyzed series, abnormalities appear frequently in the lumbosacral region of the spine Table 1and the most prevalent abnormalities were sacralization A transitional lumbosacral vertebra is a common congenital anomaly first observed by Bertolotti Kanchan When the fifth lumbar vertebra is completely fused to the sacrum sacralization of L5there are only four lumbar vertebrae, whereas when the first sacral vertebra is separated from the sacrum lumbarization of S1there are six lumbar vertebrae.

In both cases, the defect can be complete or incomplete, bilateral or unilateral, symmetrical or asymmetrical Aufderheide and Rodriguez-Martin ; Barnes In the studied skeletons, we identified 12 cases of sacralization 10 male and two female aged between 18 and 50 years, whereas lumbarization was stated in 14 subjects seven males and seven pierde greutatea bun pentru guta aged between 18 and 50 years.

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Spina bifida occulta. Spina bifida occulta is an occult spinal dysraphism resulting from mișcări frecvente ale mișcărilor intestinale a pierderii în greutate or hypoplasia of one or both parts of the neural arch or spinous processes.

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Thus, spina bifida is the most common inborn defect Marcsik et al. Generally, the incidence of this defect decreases with age, particularly in the female cases.

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However, the exact cause of this difference between sexes remains unknown Aufderheide and Rodriguez-Martin Sacral spina bifida occulta was found in six subjects. A single sacrum with spina bifida occulta in the segment S3-S4 belonged to a female aged years, whereas the five sacra belonged to male subjects aged years.

When all the posterior laminae of the sacral vertebrae are completely unfused, we are dealing with total sacral spina bifida occulta total occult spinal dysraphism Senoglu et al. We identified total sacral spina bifida occulta in the segment S1-S5 and L5-S5, respectively in two males aged years Figures